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  • Indian Motorcycles – Trying hard to keep it live
    Indian Motorcycles were manufactured in the USA from 1901 to 1953. Soon after the company was started the manufacturer had won many awards and in 1910′s Indian became the largest manufacturer in the world. Some of the popular Indian manufactured models were Indian Scout and Indian Chief. Scout was manufactured from 1920 to 1946 and Chief was produced till 1953. What was once world largest manufacturer of motorcycles filled for bankruptcy in 1953. After the legendary motorcycle producer closed its doors, the name Indian is still continued manufactured by other manufacturer. The only asset the manufacturer had was its name “Indian” and its logo. The use of the name is traded to many manufacturers the rights were also sold to Royal Enfield where they produced motorcycles in India. After the Enfield, many manufacturers tried  [...]
    Posted at January 11th, 2011 in Indian
  • BPG unveils Uno III Transforming Scooter
    On low speed travel front wheel retracts. BPG Motors have unveiled a unique electronic scooter in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. BPG Motors is not much known by most of the people, but the company marks its presence with Uno electric scooter. The first electric scooter emerged as a school science project taken by Benjamin P Gulak in 2008. In his school project Benjamin made an electric scooter having wheels placed parallel close to each other, the scooter looks like a unicycle. The balance is created with a gyroscope. The latest prototype of the Uno is a transformable version of the Uno electric scooter with a wheel coming to front making it a traditional motorcycle. Earlier version of Uno had two wheels the current Uno has three wheels the third wheel is folded and employed only to reach high speed. When driven slow  [...]
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  • Suzuki Motorcycles – DR650 has dual role to play
    This time Suzuki Motorcycles has put in all the right stuff in the dual role performing motorcycle, Suzuki DR650. The motorcycle is designed for both off-road performance and street use; hence I am tagging the DR650 as an adventurer. The 2010 model is now added with white color. Its couple of years now the Suzuki DR650 isn’t updated much but the bike has it all to attract buyers around the globe. The DR650SE is modern yet simple with up to date chassis and suspension and also its engine that is less gas consuming, overall low on maintenance. To keep the bike light yet strong it has aluminum rear swing arms that are connected to link type suspension which keeps the motorcycle ride smooth on most of the road condition. The most important component installed on the DR650 is its OHC engine. The 644cc four-stroke engine makes 43  [...]
    Posted at January 4th, 2011 in Suzuki
  • Mission R electric race bike to unveil soon
    Mission Motors recently revealed its electronic project called the Mission R. company will be showcasing the electric superbike at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. Mission Motors have done a lot of hard work on the wheels and the result is an electric powered motorcycle that generates 141 horsepower. The 2011 Mission R will be participating in the TTXGP championship. Edward West, founder of Mission Motors is very excited to announce their new factory tuned electronic race bike, which he feels is capable of doing wonders. This electric race machine shows how capable the company is in producing electric motorcycles. At SEMA in 2010 Mission had announced the making of MissionEVT powertrain division, 2011 Mission R will be using latest developments from EVT. Mission hides its 14.4kwh capacity battery under its carbon fibers,  [...]
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    Motor Cycle For sale

    Basically, motorcycles are classified into three categories; touring bikes, cruisers, and sport bikes. Today, the motorcycle market is flooded with different brands and models of motorcycles. Thus before buying a motorcycle, one has to determine the type of motorcycle, based on the purpose.