Custom Built Chopper & Custom Built Softail Frame: Custom Built Motorcycles

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Custom Built Motorcycles are special type of bikes that only a true lover of bikes should consider getting one. There are a lot of motorcycle lovers who will tell you about custom built motorcycles. There is something in these bikes which gives the rider a different sense of pride while they are traveling up and down. These bikes really have an eye-catching style and they are worth it. There are various ways that a person can customize his motorcycle to best suit its personality and needs. As compared to other motorcycles, these bikes are not that unique as it is specially made for a person.

You need to do a little research, before you Custom Built Motorcycles. It is very important because this person will be in-charge of building your custom and there will be lot of difference between a nightmare and a dream come true. The children of 60s and 50s can now afford to buy a custom built motorcycle like a Yamaha custom motorcycle, Harley Davidson custom motorcycle, custom bobbers and custom choppers. There are a lot of motorcycles which have gone from strength to strength over the last few decades and not only bike but also their paint and motorcycle accessories like custom built Softail frame.

If you want to buy Custom Built Motorcycles, then you can buy accessories like custom motorcycle wheels, custom built Softail frame and custom motorcycle exhaust. Most of the customers believe that custom built motorcycles by their description should be limited quantity produced, individually produced and unique in someway. Those who are not aware of how to build their own bike, there are suppliers like Orange County Choppers that can supply with ultimate status symbol.

Custom Built Motorcycles are getting more and more popular these days because it allows the buyer to purchase different variety of paint, engine sizes and various other things. It gives you a feeling of uniqueness that the manufacturers of these bikes meet the safety requirements. There are some examples of custom built bikes such as Custom Built Chopper.

Custom Built Chopper is basically a motorcycle which has been either chopped or customized for giving it individuality. If you are not aware what the chopper is then can the watch American movie Pulp Fiction. The practice of producing Custom Built Chopper started after the Second World War when bike culture started. There were some veterans who came back from Europe and they found these big huge motorcycles produced by Indian unsatisfactory and Harley Davidson, when compared to faster and lighter European bikes. They decided to remove everything and anything from these bikes which was not necessary and began to remove or shorten the fenders that will give the bike a sleek look. At this point of time “Chopper” was born.

Custom Built Chopper motorcycles started in sixties and seventies. Bikers removed almost everything from their bikes which was not necessary and replaced everything that was too big. They started stretching the front wheel so that it can come out more from the bike which will give the bike a cool look by raising the handlebars.

The idea of Custom Built Chopper left the realm of outlaw biker and then it entered into the domain of typical American. There are a lot of things that can be changed in these bikes like the frames and convert them into custom built Softail frame. Softail is basically a rear suspension system with shock absorbers and springs for absorbing bumps.

Custom built Softail frame is designed for looking like hardtail bikes which were manufactured in the past for providing comfort on rear suspension.

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