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  • India starts rolling out new Harley’s
    Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has already announced that they have chosen India to locate their second Harley assembly plant first time ever out side United States. Harley Davidson earlier had announced that they will be setting up what they call it a “complete knock down” plant that will be located in North Indian state of Haryana. CKD will be a facility where parts made in the US will be assembled in Haryana, for Indian market. Managing director of Harley Davidson India, Anoop Prakash spoke to CNN India that Harley Davidson will be doing something like “made in USA assembled in India”, this will be crating a positive job effect in both the home and the host country. Harley Davidson is expanding internationally from 30-40 percent and for this they see India as most promising market. Prakash feels that company would have credible  [...]
    Posted at January 21st, 2011 in News
  • Harley Davidson Bike Or Customized Bike – What Is Your Choice
    Bikes are two wheelers which are associated with high speed. Riding a motorcycle in high speed satiates the enthusiast driver. There are some who just ride the motor cycle in speed to enjoy the fun oh high speed riding while others are officially into motor cycle racing. There races which are organized periodically where the entire enthusiast race against each another. There are different kinds of motor scooter racing across the globe. Europe is famous for Drag Racing whereas racing on twisty tracks is popular in America. There are special bikes formulated for these races. The motorcycle enthusiasts who participate in these races buy new or used competition bikes for sale. All the participants have to follow certain rules and regulations laid down the Racing Authority. You have to follow safety requirements completely. If you are  [...]
    Posted at November 27th, 2008 in Bikes
  • Choosing Perfect Bike Is Very Necessary
    As people grow up they start having wonderful fantasies and these are developed as a result of others showing them. Most of the younger generation would love to own bikes which could be sped with. But while choosing your favorite, there should various things that have to be considered and taken into account. While shopping for the first bike the most important thing to consider is the price range and your budget. There are wonderful motorcycles which cost a lot for you and look really handsome and stylish. There are premium varieties of bikes such as Used Ducati bike for sale and even Used Harley-Davidsons bike for sale which could be over expensive. But these are the motorcycles chosen by most of the teenagers due to its fame and popularity. These are those bikes which could be just dreamt by the ordinary people. If you are going  [...]
    Posted at November 25th, 2008 in Bikes
  • Some Really Great Motorcycles Throughout The Years
    Throughout the years there have been some really great motorcycles that have been developed by BMW, Ducati, Honda, Indian, and other motorcycle manufacturers. BMW motorcycle wear a blue-and-white logo designed to conjure up a spinning airplane propeller. Learn why that ‘s an apt symbol by linking to the BMW motorcycle articles below. The 1994 BMW R1100RSL is among the classic motorcycles from the renowned German company. BMW motorcycles were born from precision-minded German aircraft builders, a legacy of engineering that continues today. These pivotal bikes that established BMW motorcycles as the definition of two-wheel refinement and balance such as the 1965 R-27, 1981 R65, 1990 K-1, and 1994 R1100RSL Ducati motorcycle roared from the ashes of World War II to embody the highest principals of efficient motorcycle design and  [...]
    Posted at November 13th, 2008 in Motorcycle
  • Motorcycles – Types And Uses
    Until World War One the largest manufacturer of motorcycles was Indian who produced over 20,000 bikes per year. By 1920 this honour went to Harley Davidson. Today, the Japanese manufacturers, Honda motorcycle, Kawasaki motorcycle, Suzuki motorcycle, and Yamaha motorcycle dominate the motorcycle industry, although Harley-Davidson still maintains a high degree of popularity in the United States. Motorcycles have historically been associated with subcultures i.e. Cafe Racers of the 1950′s and the Mod’s and Rockers of the 1960′s. In the times we live in today motorcycle events are annually held at places across the globe in which money is raised for charity. Motorcycle rallies are also held internationally, which attract riders from all over the UK. A motorcycle is a single-track, two-wheeled vehicle which is powered  [...]
    Posted at November 11th, 2008 in Motorcycle

    Motor Cycle For sale

    Basically, motorcycles are classified into three categories; touring bikes, cruisers, and sport bikes. Today, the motorcycle market is flooded with different brands and models of motorcycles. Thus before buying a motorcycle, one has to determine the type of motorcycle, based on the purpose.